Do you want to find your flow on paper and in life? Watercolors are a great medium to practice letting go.  Mandala is a sanskrit word that means circle.  Mandalas have been used by religions from Christianity and Buddhism as a tool insight and expression.  

In this E-course you will:

* Learn to draw your own unique geometric mandalas

* Learn the basics of watercolor painting

* Learn about tools and tricks to enhance your watercolor paintings

* Download weekly meditations

* Watch weekly video demonstrations teaching new skills

* Receive weekly journal prompts designed to help you find your unique creative voice

*Learn about art as a wellness practice

*Join a community of other creatives to share your work with as your grow

Registration for the next course begins Feb 1st. Class begins March 1st. 




More coming on this e-course shortly. Registration will begin in Spring 2016.