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Right now wI am interviewing for apprenticeships based here in Austin, Texas.  Find out more


Creative Voice Journey Groups

Beginning in January of 2016, I'll be hosting Creative Journey Groups online. The first group will be inward bound the 2nd of January. If you are in Austin or Texas please plan on coming to the brunch on January 2nd at 10am. We'll spend 6 weeks writing, reflecting, meditating, and talking as we develop and strengthen our unique creative voices and creative intuition. Registration opens November 29th. Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you get a space. 


One on One Creative Coaching

I'd love to work with you personally on developing an any of the following in a one on one coaching session:

-Social Media - using data analytics and relational skills to plan your personal editorial calendar, psychoanalytics



-Uncovering your unique creative voice and perspective

-Befriending your Inner Critic

-Stepping into fear and living large


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