The Austin Artery is a collective of a dozen artists whose mission it is to use art as a tool for building Community & enhancing The Emotional Well-Being of Participants.  The Austin Artery was founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 and now operates Throughout Texas and Colorado. Summer camps for kids are offered in Austin during the summer months. 

Click Here to read more about our Senior Care Classes.  We are now hiring for traveling watercolor instructors. Find out more here. 



Welcome to The Austin Artery ! We believe that art can be a wellness practice that benefits everyone. We provide classes for all ages and skill levels and truly meet people where they are. 

The Austin Artery provides classes for artists of all ages - at nursing homes, festivals, and summer camps.  We focus on process over product because that builds creative capacity.  Art is a tool for building community as well as neural networks. 

Learning technical skills is great too. We strike a balance between honoring each artist's voice and creative process with the process of developing technical skills. 

Many people have horror stories from a bad experience that turned them off from art. We make learning to create a pleasure.  The big goal is for each artist to come away from each lesson with a sense of joy and desire to create more art.