"The astronomical artist will always be far ahead of the explorer. They can depict scenes that no human eye will ever see, because of their danger, or their remoteness in time and space." - Arthur C. Clark


Students will read and learn about space exploration in this camp as they prepare to create models, paints, and play games related to outer space exploration. We will talk about the history of the space program, as well as discussing the future of space travel. Students will create art pieces inspired by what they have learned during the week. Parents will be invited to an exhibit of our work on THURSDAY afternoon at 3 PM.

The children will spend 30 - 45 minutes outside during the morning and afternoon on the shaded campus.  Some children choose to work on their personal art projects during this time while others get plenty of exercise. 

All camps focus on the process of making art rather than finished product. Research shows that providing children with open ended activities promotes creativity. Ultimately, at this camp we focus on developing creativity, collaboration, patience with the process of bringing a vision to life, and  a love for learning.  Your child will not come home with the same creations as the other children because we leave space for the children to synthesize information and play. 

All of the summer camps met at Four Seasons Community School at  3909 Adelphi Lane in Austin, Texas. Campers may check in at the front office at 9am, and can be picked up in front of the school at 3 PM daily. Campers are expected to bring a lunch and 2 snacks each day. Please wear clothes that you can get messy in because we plan on having a blast! 

*School will be closed Friday for professional development.