In this particular class, we'll explore some of the WILD archetypes. This class is for beginners and seasoned artists alike. This class is for those who want to hone their creative skills and unique creative vision. 

What is an Archetype?

Archetype is defined as a recurrent symbol in literature, art or mythology. All of these symbols are representative of different pieces of our selves. The better we know our self, the better we can speak from our own unique voice as an artist. 

In this class, we'll work with collage, watercolor and sketching to create a set of  Archetypes cards that can be used for meditation,


writing prompts, reflection or stepping stones for future art pieces. 

When you register you'll receive the password for our class website, as well as an invite to our facebook group.  Every weekday during this 6 week course, you'll receive access to guided meditations, journaling prompts, watercolor, collage and sketching lessons.  At the end of this course you'll have a set of Art & Archetype classes, as well a several new creative tools in your toolbox. 

Registration opens Monday, January 18th. Classes begin February 1st.